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Starts November 4th at 7pm EST!

Making Money Your Bae

What's your relationship status with money?

Is it a horrible ex?

An amazing lover?

Your best friend?

A partner that ghosted you?

Don't worry if you're not feeling your answer.  For many years, I experienced money as the ultimate betrayer.  I felt like money made all the promises to me in the world but when I needed it most it would leave me high and dry.  Can you relate?


This is the reason why I'm introducing this space to examine our money relationships as we journey on the road to healing our money wounds.  Yes, we have them.  It's the reason we become super anxious when making a purchase, or receiving an unexpected bill, or deciding if you're going to splurge on bag or vacation.

This 3 week live group experience will offer a safe space for us to uncover our deep rooted money stories that causes energetic blocks in our natural flow of abundance.  It's time we begin to ride the wave of prosperity which is our birthright

"Money is Energy & Energy Flows"


Week 1

We begin by addressing our history with money.  What did our parents, grandparents, church, school, culture, and society teach us about money?  What was the early messaging we received that we still believe today?  This will allow us to become more aware of our money patterns and our trauma experiences with money.  Yes, trauma!  Any relationship is susceptible to an experience of trauma.  And because of this, we develop responses to help us cope and feel safe.  We are going to treat money like any other relationship by creating a container for us to release our negative beliefs around money and begin the journey of creating a new money narrative that nourishes our abundant nature.

Week 2

Get your birth charts out because we're going to use them!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, no worries.  I'm here to guide.  We will use the beautiful gift of astrology to see how your zodiac sign interacts with the "money houses" of your divine blueprint.  We came upon the planet with a lesson plan.  Through the astrological lens, we will discover how your personal lessons are around money and how you can strengthen your currency situationship!


Week 3

At the root of all of this is ENERGY!  We are ENERGY, and so is MONEY!  We will learn to look past the tangible paper experience of money and use our intuition to deepen our relationship with the ENERGY of MONEY.  We will spend time in this session in guided meditation and visualization to tap into our Sacral and Root Chakras, our money seats, to clear our energy channels of stuck energy that impedes on our money flow.  Through this experience, we begin to shift our creative power from a space of scarcity to one of prosperity!

Let's Make Money Your Bae!


Are you ready to fall in love?

It is through this approach that I have developed such a beautiful relationship with money that it allowed me to quit my 9-5 job and live out my dream of full time entrepreneurship.   Once I mastered the exquisite system of currency exchange and put energetic principles to practice, I was able to create 6 figures in sales in 6 months!  This truth is something I shied away from because of my own triggers around my money.  But I release shame and move to the highest resonance of my money potential and so will you.  Come on join me in this space as we create together...

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