Welcome to Deep Breath Healing!

Healing is the process of releasing fear--plain and simple.  There are two opposing forces in the world, love and fear.  Our struggles tend to arise from believing in a fear based thought instead of a loving one.  This is where transformation begins!

Deep Breath Healing an intentional space created for spiritual seekers looking to find balance in their lives.  Each service offered is centered in a holistic way, to provide a mind-body-spirit approach and includes reiki energy therapy, holistic life coaching, and chakra balancing.


Oftentimes, it is easy to overlook our spiritual selves in the day to day task that can feel daunting and overwhelming.  It is our spirit that animates us, our sense of being beyond the physical world we inhabit.  Therefore, it is essential that we practice great spiritual hygiene just as we would our physical and mental health.  The work offered here is to clear the negative blocks that typically impede us from living a creative, fulfilling life, to de-stress from anxiety and fear, and to experience your own wisdom from within.  


The system utilized at Deep Breath Healing is meant to fast track your healing experience by working to clear negative energy and emotions, balance the chakra system an reprogram your thoughts to focus on what you want out of life instead of what you don't want.  This is the ultimate healing modality to experience a sense of relief emotionally, spiritually, and physically.