Katherine Searcy, MDiv., LICSW is a licensed psychotherapist, intuitive energy healer,  Usui Reiki Master, and visionary life coach specializing in the areas of spiritual and emotional health.  She has been in the healing and helping profession for over 10 years as a chaplain and social worker, offering emotional and spiritual modalities to help clients and families at the most vulnerable stages in their lives.  She translated this experience to a mind body spirit approach to helping clients overcome lifelong challenges, remove blocks, and experience a level of freedom to live their best possible life.  Her belief is that all issues have to be resolved on a spiritual and energetic level which fast tracks the healing process.  This along with her intuitive abilities allow clients to resolve deep seated emotional blocks and experience a sense of relief and new found freedom to live fully without fear or anxiety.  She is passionate about her work to assist her clients in unleashing their power, inner resources and amazing potential to fulfill their inner longings and life long dreams.  She is honored to be a participant along the journey, knowing that each person can heal themselves at every level.